Hi, I am Matt :)​​​​​​​
I am a designer often fulfilling a role of a creative/art director who leads multidisciplinary teams using design thinking methodologies to fulfil a particular vision. With human experience at its core, I participated in and led a wide range of projects including immersive experiences, mobile apps, complex dashboard solutions, interactive installations, brand identities, and many more. 

Design expertise
User experience
User interface
Brand identity
Design systems
Illustration systems
Content design
3D Animation 

Design Philosophy
I strongly believe that design enables us to make the world a better place if used with a human-centred approach.

Design Methodology
I draw from my various design methodologies. The big inspiration worth mentioning is IDEO. However, every design project is different hence it is required that the methodology is flexible and modular. What stays the same are only two factors - change and a human-centric approach.

What Floats My Boat
I love cutting-edge tech especially if it is related to designing, such as design tools.

I am very much interested in the creative application of technologies such as VR-AR-AI-Web3.0, Real-time rendering (Unreal Engine) and more..

My other passion is fitness and martial arts.

Drop me a message and let's see if I can help you out :)


PS. I promise to reply within 48h.