How can I help you?

How can I help you?


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Hey! My name is Matt, a designer, creative and educator 

As I creative practitioner I love exploring new technologies and constantly challanging myself In the past I had opportunity to contribute to variety of projects such as launching new products within healthcare industry, future forecasting for driverless vehicles, complex dashboard solutions, and many more.

How is it to work with me?

Emma Cox

Chief Product Officer

Matt is a very talented designer. He seamlessly converts complex problems into beautiful simple designs. He is a joy to work with.


CEO Blue Marble

Matt did a great job! We had some  technical difficulties with the payment due to payment issues sending money from the the US - but he remained responsive during this bureaucratic glitch. I enjoyed working with Matt and will not hesitate to work with him again.

Tiziana Ruiu

Concept Artist

Working with Matt is always a great experience, he elevates my creativity and passion for the craft in a collaborative environment. He inspires me to think bigger, take risks, and ultimately, to strive for design excellence in everything we do.

Emma Dodson

Prop Maker

Matt is a pleasure to work with.  A man of many skills and ideas. He has always brought a refreshingly open, creative, informed yet practical approach to the design in our projects. All is supported by great energy and organisation.

Allan Parsons

Design Theorist

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Matt for many years in different academic and commercial settings. He has always proved a thoughtful interlocutor, working through the various design processes from beginning to end. Because he listens attentively, and has a deep understanding of design principles, tools and technologies, he can formulate incisive questions that lead, through respectful dialogue, to mutually agreeable design outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is seeking a collaborator who brings a focus on excellence and creativity.

Julie Innes

Senior Lecturer at

University of Wesmtinster

Working with Mateusz is really refreshing: he has a wide range of creative digital skills, and a very clear vision for every project.  He is also very honest and articulates potential issues within a team in way that offers solutions - this is the best way to keep momentum in a project/team. I highly recommend him!

Nillante Ribeiro

Educational Technologist

Matt has a knack for creating user-centric solving design problems. He has a keen interest for new technologies and knows how to apply them well to fit the situation. I was extremely impressed with the branding and identity work he did on our project.

Diana Morales

Makreting Designer

Working with Matt as a designer has been great! He's got serious skills and knows his stuff, which makes the whole process smooth. The results speak for themselves – they're absolutely amazing. Matt's not just talented, he's also super easygoing and fun to work with. If you're looking for a designer who'll knock your socks off, Matt's the one to call!

Charlie Dixon


Working and collaborating with Matt over the years has always been enjoyable and interesting and has made me challenge myself to try new things and be the best artist I can be. He has a strong work ethic and is as skilled with a pencil as he is producing 3D models or designing a pitch deck. He undertakes projects and tackles problems with a unique vision and a high level of creative curiosity, always leading to striking and engaging visual content. Working as part of a team with Matt really highlighted his qualities as a good leader, collaborator and communicator. I can’t recommend him highly enough for any creative project.

Kayla Kreher

Operations Executive

I highly recommend working with Matt for any art and design projects. His effective communication and technical skills help to deliver projects that produce high-quality outputs. Matt is someone enjoyable to work with and someone that is invested in your project as much as you!

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